March Greetings from the Warden!


With winter finally ending this month and expected temperatures of around 15 degrees Centigrade by the mid-March, this month we will have some exciting events to mark the changing of the season. 

We have begun the month with a week-long programme on Mental Health that proved to be popular with our residents. If anyone wishes to find out more about any of the themes explored in these events, please feel free to contact members of my team. Your welfare is a top priority for us.

To mark the International Women's Day this month, we are holding an event on 15 March with guest speaker Dr Tanya Serisier of the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research. She will lead a discussion on whether #MeToo movement represent feminism which promises to be a great event given the currency of the topic.

On 27 March, we have our very popular annual Boat Party on the river Thames. Please mark the day and check the IH FB page and website for soon more details. Please get your tickets early before they run out.

We are also excited to announce that regular Salsa Dance Classes will start soon from 14 March.

The families have a special Carnival event on 10 March and, of course, their regular screenings continue.

Sudhir Selvaraj

Sudhir Selvaraj

There will be two sporting competition, a chess and a pool tournament, on 14 and 22 March respectively with prizes, of course.

This month’s IH Community Award goes to Mr Eddie Arif, one of our night security staff. Eddie’s great contribution to the hall is noted on the nomination form as follows: “Eddie is never without a smile on his face whatever time of day/night when he greets residents. In addition to being great at his job, he takes time to get to know residents. This adds to the community feel in the hall and makes residents feel welcome. By far, Eddie is the best night reception staff”. Please note that you can nominate any junior staff member (catering, reception, housekeeping and maintenance) via our website.

Finally, we are sad to say goodbye to Sudhir, one of the most active community members as well as wonderful friend and colleague to many of us. He is departing for his PhD research for which he will be away till the end of this academic year. On behalf of the IH community, I wish him the best of luck in his research and a very safe trip. We will miss him.

Best wishes,
International Hall Warden