International Hall Warden's message for December


With the end of the year in clear sight, I do hope you are managing the last few days of term in the hope of a relaxing Christmas break. To keep you going until then, we have many special events with a festive theme. I am pleased to announce that we also have quite a few exciting events during the Christmas period for those who stay in the hall.

On 4 December, the Community Volunteers Committee is putting on a special Christmas quiz and on 11 December a Christmas karaoke night in the Common Room.

On Friday, 7 December, we have both a Christmas dinner in the Dining Hall and the IH Winter Holiday party (from 8pm onwards) in the Common Room. A special Christmas event for Postgraduates will take place on 13 December at 8pm in the LG lounge. The postgrads who are attending are encouraged to bring festive dishes from their places of origin.

We also have a few festive films in the cinema and a number of events running during the Christmas break for the residents staying at IH. You can find more details here:   

For families with children, the Christmas party is on 8 December in the Common Room, where according to widely circulated rumours, Santa and his helpers intend to make an appearance.

For a full list and more information about our social events, including those in the Christmas break, please visit

Finally our International Hall Community Award for this month goes to Catering Supervisor Rebecca Isaacs (Becci). As the nomination notes from residents states, “she always has a smile on her face and is thoughtful enough to check in on how we are doing” and “she is greatly respected by all”. Please do congratulate her the next time you see her!

 I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

IH Warden

The Warden, Saeed, with December Community Award winner Becci Isaacs.

The Warden, Saeed, with December Community Award winner Becci Isaacs.