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IH Flip Cup Tournament

  • Common Room International Hall WC1N 1AS (map)

Join us this Friday the 17th for the IH Flip Cup Tournament at 9pm @Common Room. 

This is a BYOB (or soft drinks!) event. 

There will be a prize for the winning team. 


PS if you are wondering what flip cup is, here are the rules to the game: 

At the start, it is customary for the initiating players to make a toast, after which the first member of each team drinks the entirety of their beverage. When finished, the cup is placed open side up at the edge of the table, and the player who drank it attempts to flip the cup, by flicking or lifting the bottom of the cup until it flips and lands face down on the table, If a cup is knocked over in the chain whilst moving to the next cup the player must go back and re-flip. The player may not use two hands, or blow on the cup to guide it to flip over. If the player is unsuccessful on the first try, the cup is reset and re-flipped. Only after the first teammate is done flipping successfully can the next person proceed. Additionally, subsequent players may not touch or manipulate their cup until the previous player has successfully flipped their cup. Whichever team finishes drinking and flipping all its cups first wins.

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