Teeth and Eyes

In a previous blog post, "What is the NHS?", it noted that dental and optician services are not included within the NHS. So where can you access these services? 

Dental Services

Some dental services may be included, dependent upon clinical assessment and judgement. Even those that are, still have charges to them. It is always important to discuss with your dentist what options are available and what fees are involved. 

Click here for a list of dental clinics near IH. 

Some universities may even have their own dental clinics. For example, if you are a UCL student, you can access the Dental Centre on 139 Euston Road. 

Image credit: CC via Flickr

Image credit: CC via Flickr

Eye Services

Another service not included within the NHS is eye care services. It is important to get your eyesight checked every two years. Specsavers has a lot of branches across London, including one in Brunswick Centre, right next to IH! They offer eye tests, glasses and contact lenses.

They often have vouchers and deals, including this voucher for a free eye test up until October 31st 2017: https://www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/brunswickcentre  

Additionally, Student Central (for University of London), has an optician centre: http://www.universityvision-ltd.co.uk/


Image credit: CC via Google Images

Image credit: CC via Google Images