#IHLove: The 2018 IH Valentine's Message Board

'Tis the season of love at International Hall. Here are some of the messages we received through anonymous postings from our residents.

Have a message for a special someone who caught your eye in the Dining Hall? Been aching to sing a sonnet for that special someone you met one time in the Laundry Room? Well, here is your chance to let that special someone know that you care. Use our IH Valentine's Message Board to anonymously post a message for that special someone (or your close hall mates). These messages can be in the form of poems, sonnets, screenplays, etc.

There is still time till the 14th to send a message. You can do so here.

The Stallion

There are many reasons you are special. The most important one being you have the face of an Angel, but the body of a God. I love that you can run marathons effortlessly. You probably built up a lot of stamina from running around in my head all day, every day since October. Most importantly, I love the old man noises you make when you sit down. Knowing how old you are makes me feel so young. :)


Hey :) you dress nice

Forms of Love

Sarah B,

You smiled when you first arrived. A warm, shiny, and beautiful day for September, but not as warm as your expressive brown eyes; not as shiny as your captive smile; not as beautiful as your marvellously undefined-colour hair. The world stopped the moment I saw you... I tried to capture every shape of you: your hair, your eyebrows, your adorable eyes, your lips, your neck, your long figure. And then, brought from the place I was caught in awe, I heard a voice, like a fairy talking smoothly: you started talking. Why oh why was I not the subject of your questions, why oh why was I not the one to whom you were talking to, why oh why didn’t I have the courage to go and introduce myself. I got closer, I wanted to get a name, to get a room number... “Sara”, you said. And I was happy. You walked by like a breeze and I could sense the perfume... I knew, right there, that I would like to know more about this Sara, about this smile, about this colourful hair, about those captive eyes, about this sweet voice of yours, about... about you... love has many forms: Eros, Philia, Ludus, Pragma, Agape, Philautia, Storge! With you, I have them all!



Thanks for my life, you gave me all the tools to learn to be happy

Have fun, kids.

 I have no idea, whoever can recognise I suppose?,

x^2 + (x-y^(2/3))^2 = 1

<3 <3 <3

Greek God,

Don't know your name but I call you Greek God and you're a beautiful man and I love your vibey preppy style. 

Bhalobasa r potro

Sir Sudipto Mitra FRHS, OB,

Pakhare tha ki tha tu dure,
Sabubele lagu achhu mo
Bhabanare tora mun thae
Mo bhabana arambha tori
Emiti bhala paichhi tote,
Jane nahin yara mapa ta kete.
Hrudaya ta ebe tori ghare.

Loads of love and wishes

To all families,

Hi I am really delighted to be with so many lovely people. The family block is specially filled with smiles of cute and lovely kids and parents. I also appreciate efforts of Tsveta for taking care of us specially when I arrived here.

For THAT Post Graduate Group

Sudhir, Do you like photography? Because I’d love to take you to a darkroom and see what develops. #PictureThis

Georgia, You’re like a broken staircase. You make me go head over heels.  #FallingForYou

Joe, The Surgeon General ought to put a warning on you, because you are smokin’ hot. #Warning

Jose, I need a compass when I look at you, because I keep getting lost in your eyes. #SaveMe

Ish, If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? #369DamnYouFine

Sasi, You know what’s on the Valentine’s Day menu? Me-n-u. #MiracleKitchen

Adi, Do you like cats? Because I’d like you to take meowt for Valentine’s Day. #Purrrrr

Seba, Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got fine written all over you. #Naughty

Nicole, It's a good thing I have a library card because I am checking you out! #Studious

Jacob, Something's wrong with my eyes because I can't take them off you. #SoWrongItsRight


Dear Jake,

You look like a delicious piece of cake
My love for you is anything but fake
Thinking of you every night I quake
For a date we can go to a lake.

Your Secret Admirer



The tall, German dude from LSE
You're an Abercrombie model :)

Music of Love


Your beauty Makes my Tanpura strings go naughty
I think you are very hotty
I know I look like forty
But it's okay since you are so shorty.

Secret admiration :)

Angelina Georgieva,
You are too beautiful! Absolutely flawless!

Smoking causes cancer!!!

Virender Chandale,
Hum kabhi very good friends hua karte they...
Lekin ab tanhai mey facebook sey tumahre photos dekhta hoon...
Tumhare tarha mujhe bhi bikes ka bohot shokh tha
Lekin zindagi ki tarah Delhi ki sarkon par gadiyon ka raftar bhi bohot tez tha...
Aj bhi kabhi kabhi raat ko IALS se lautte waqt thand mey apna raftar kho baithta hoon...
Tab tumhara yaad aata hai... Phir thodi si Bikaneri bhujia muh mey dal ke wapis se chalne lagta hoon.

The love glove

Dear Katie,

Your powers make me flurry
Turning me into a sweet little bunny
For cupcakes I love
I think we’d fit into one glove
-Henry the 8th



Noticing you existed was a mistake but now I do not want to lose your sight every time I see you my heart can't fake hoping that there will ever be a might. There is for sure no lake or sea with the colour of your eyes. Such a luck they are here for me but following them is not wise. I hope the time will bring a sign and the destiny changes for us because I want you to be mine there is no other thing to discuss.

The First Date Song

Let me ask you out on an awkward first date
I will be nervous
You will be late
I'll come off too weird
You'll butcher my name
And it may not end well, but oh, what the hell
Let me still ask you out on a date

Let me ask you out on an awkward first date
You'll drink for two
While I'm thinking for two
Just looking for fun?
I don't think you're The One.
But let's not give in to fears; we can down a few beers.

Just say yes to an awkward first date.
Let me ask you out on an awkward first date
If we make it through one
We'll have already won I'll let go of The One
Settle for Didn't Run
And some people, you'll find, just get better with time
Don't miss out on an awkward first date.

Secret Love

Dear PC,
Sun bhai,
Tu mujhe bahut sahi lagta hai yaar
Tujhe dekh ke dil ke mere baj uthte hain taar Chal na
Hum kahin door chalte hain
Chal kar karte hain pyaar
Tu phoonk ta nahin hai
Isliye aur bhi sahi lagta hai