Sports at International Hall

We provide a wide range of FREE sporting activities at International Hall to keep you active. We have a pool table, ping pong table, and Foosball Table in our Common Room. We have a range of board games too that can be checked out from the Reception Desk (e.g. UNO, Chess, Twister, Poker, decks of cards).  By virtue of being a student and resident of IH, you get great offers from Student Central, as well. We also have the following regular events at IH. Contact our sports conveners and our Senior Member for sports (Arthur Eirich) at


Yoga Classes

Join us for our weekly Yoga classes on Monday evenings. Our Dynamic class starts at 5:30 pm and Beginners start at 7 pm.  

Yoga classes are FREE for all residents.



Join us for our weekly football game in Coram's field. Meet at Reception at 9.50 am on Sunday mornings.

Football is FREE for all residents.

Squash Court

We have a Squash Court in our halls. Yes, IN our Halls and it's FREE (but please do not book it longer than for 2 consecutive hours, so everyone can play).

You can book it (with rackets and balls) through Reception. 



Join us for our weekly badminton sessions at the Somer Town Community Sports Centre from 9-10am on Saturdays.

Meet at reception at 8.30am and it is FREE for residents



Last but not least join us for Basketballs  at the energybase (Studentcentral) from 10-11am on Sundays. 

Meet at reception at 9.30am and it is FREE for residents

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