Contact The Warden's Team

The Warden and his team are responsible for social life and student  welfare in the hall. Your email will reach the Warden directly. As practice, we maintain confidentiality regarding all matters of personal welfare such as mental health concerns or other stresses you may be facing. A member of the Warden's Team is on duty every weekday between 6 pm and 8 am, and the whole day on weekends and bank holidays. The Senior Member on duty will be available at Reception between 6 and 6:30 pm every day.

DO NOT REPORT NOISE COMPLAINTS HERE. Please contact the reception desk at the time the noise issue is occurring for the issue to be investigated at that time.

DO NOT REPORT EMERGENCY HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUES HERE. Please contact the reception desk ASAP and they will take the necessary action. You may also wish to contact the emergency services directly on your mobile. 

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